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Soft shoulder signs keep mocking me


I’ve been thinking a bit about my shoulder situation. Even though I’d say I’m 85% healed up, that last 15% is proving to be significant because I can’t do things like lift heavy lead batteries or push up on heavy hatch covers anymore. The arm and shoulder feel fine during daily life use, but once I run into a situation that requires significant strength and support, the muscles that are compensating for the lack of any supporting ligaments in my left shoulder just can’t perform like ligament.

Riding on a bus between the San Francisco airport and Asilomar park, we kept passing signs that only reminded me of the choice I have to make in the next month or so.



One Response to “Soft shoulder signs keep mocking me”

  1. Anoymous says:

    Seeing that today is 3 years later, how is your shoulder? Has it gained all the strength back yet?

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