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Interview with CBC Radio program The Current

I did a 5 minute interview with CBC Radio program The Current about RFID. Thought it was going to be an interesting interview about privacy, but they totally cut out everything except for the very basic details about the implant itself. The full RFID segment, which includes Canada’s privacy commissioner and a guy selling RFID, is kind of interesting… even if the RFID guy skirts some of the privacy issues by neglecting to talk about some of the glaringly obvious possibilities for abuse. Oh, and it never ceases to amaze me how I can speak directly with media types who can say my name just fine over the phone, then take a failed stab at it 2 minutes later on the air.

To listen to the entire program, click here.

To listen to just the boring bits where I’m the only one talking (yeah, they even edited out the interviewer’s voice), click here.

I’m still too busy… or lazy… or both… too blazy to get around to sucking the video off some of the DVDs I finally got from various media sources. I’ll do it one day, but I’m sure nobody out there is just dying to see this stuff… it’s old news.

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