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ShopperTrak – RFID people tracking? I guess not.

Well, thanks to my own lack of research on the subject, I was spouting off in complete ignorance with my last post. Shortly after publishing my off-base semi-rant, Brad Oldenburg the CTO of ShopperTrak left me a comment (see below). I guess ShopperTrak uses cameras to count people, not RFID to track tagged items going in and out of the store… how embarrassing. I guess I should really check into these things before posting. I had no idea anyone was even reading this stuff 😉

——— Brad Oldenburg ———

ShopperTrak cameras do not use RFID to track individuals. They are used to count shoppers entering and exiting stores but do not do so through the use of RFID. Please follow the attached link for further information.


——— /Brad Oldenburg ———

While this fact makes me look like a total ass (which I am from time to time), it doesn’t invalidate the entire contents of my previous post, so I left it up unaltered. Now it’s time to head to The Gap and mess with the people counting camera.

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