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Northside Coldcreek boots are amazing

Spring and summer usually means yard work and drudgery, and this year was no different. I went to my garden shed to get my trusty rubber boots and found that one of them (just one) had cracked to pieces. I thought it was odd that one would appear to kind of, well, “dry out” and fall apart while the other still had soft and supple rubber. I contacted Northside and sent them this photo:

Dead Northside boot

They told me they had heard of some problems with that line of boot and immediately offered to ship me a replacement pair of boots. Not only that, but they offered an upgrade – the neoprene Coldcreek line. I thought neoprene had no place in the muck, but I accepted the upgrade anyway.

Northside neoprene boot

Man, I’m glad I did… the neoprene top is excellent! No more ramming your foot down into and yanking it back out of an unforgiving rubber bear trap, and say goodbye to ramming your wadded up pant legs down into the crevasse! The neoprene easily stretches to accommodate feet and pant leg arrangements, then snaps back snug against your leg. Oh, and it works as a boot too… they keep the water and muck out just fine. I highly recommend Northside Coldcreek boots!

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