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Video explaining how to get good consistent reads of an NFC 2x12mm glass tag with a typical flat plane NFC reader

I had some questions from Dangerous Things customers that centered around getting a good consistent read of the 2x12mm NFC compatible tags they purchased. Rather than respond via email, I figured it would be easier to make this video to explain how to get the tag to read consistently when used with typical “flat plane” readers.

This video explains how to get a reliable read with a 2x12mm glass NFC compatible RFID tag using a reader with a “flat plane” antenna loop. The antenna coil in the tag is arranged as a cylinder while the antenna coils of most readers are flatted out on a plane. Getting the small tags to energize and interact with these types of readers requires some trial and error, but it is possible to learn how to get a consistent read almost every time you present the tag to the reader.

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