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ToorCamp 2012 Write Up Wrap Up

Well ToorCamp 2012 is over, and there is plenty to show for it. I ended up going after winning a ticket by answering a GeekWire tech-tune challenge correctly, and offered to write a few “camp journal” style posts for them while I was at it.


Arrival (pdf)

Day 1 (pdf)

Day 2 (pdf)

Day 3 (pdf)


I also met Andy Greenberg from Forbes, who interviewed me about the RFID Implantation Station.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and I’m really looking forward to the next ToorCamp.

Photos (mostly of the laser)

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  1. […] Friend of Trossen, Amal Graafstra recently attended Toorcamp and set up an unassuming little station. At this station, for $30 and a liability waiver, Amal would implant an RFID tag into your hand! You can read more at The Forbes Article on Amal or Amal’s write-ups on Toorcon […]

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