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DocumentIO – You suck.

I normally don’t like publicly flaming companies… there are a multitude of reasons why a transaction might go bad, none of which deserve public ridicule. Usually if one puts in enough effort and explains themselves clearly, things get resolved. I started out my relationship with DocumentIO.com really liking them. They shipped out my order very quickly, and when it turned out to be the wrong part number, I was impressed with how nicely they handled my first RMA. They even sent a FedEx call tag for me to ship the returned product back for free! That’s relatively unheard of these days.

But after receiving the wrong product again, and finding that this second shipment was indeed the same part number listed on their site’s product page, I had to take it upon myself to figure out just what the heck was going on. Basically, they showed the image of and listed all the specs for a product that was different than the manufacturer’s part number they listed. In short, they completely misrepresented the product.

I tried explaining their mistake several times, but after already processing one RMA for me, I can only guess that their customer service rep (Serena) simply stopped actually reading my emails. There really is no other explanation for this level of aloof disregard.

After making me jump through some hoops, they finally told me off. Not only did they tell me they couldn’t return the product, but they also said they saw nothing wrong with their product page and the information on it.

Dear Customer,
We are unable to issue rma number to you because the product has been opened and we also checked our website the information of the product is correct sorry for any inconvience.


Document IO RMA

After wasting my time for 2 months, I had to waste even more time opening a dispute with my credit card company. I also sent DocumentIO this email;


I don’t understand how you could have “checked out our website” and found that “the information of the product is correct”. The information listed on your website for part number 0232-024 is not correct.

After explaining the problem several times, I have no choice but to open a dispute with my credit card company. I have already shipped the product back, and I am attaching a PDF of what I have already sent to my credit card company.

Amal Graafstra

In conclusion, DocumentIO kinda sucks.

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10 Responses to “DocumentIO – You suck.”

  1. Thanks for the detailed critique. I was considering purchasing a product from that company. Until and unless it posts a literate and intelligible reply to your report, I’ll have to assume it is not in the market for rational customers.

  2. Amal says:

    Hi John,

    So far it’s been radio silence from them.

  3. thomas says:

    i purchased a xerox printer from them last week.
    well, they charged me anyway.
    then i got an email from them saying it’s backordered, and not to reply to the email.
    if i try to call the number on their website, 866-867-9144, no one ever answers.
    in fact it seems like it’s been forwarded to a cell since the message says:
    the person you called mailbox 516-466-0708 is unavailable”
    this is a verizon number. maybe it’s verizon business, who knows.
    what kind of business doesn’t answer the phone?
    that the list on their website?

  4. Ian says:

    Unfortunately almost half the businesses on-line are virtual just like this one so anyone with a computer and a website can look like a real company from their basement. I stick to reputable vendors that have a non-residential address.
    That’s my tip.

  5. Amal says:

    Yeah, these guys appear to be a drop-ship company. They just sell the gear, then have it drop shipped from supplier direct to customer. They have no inventory and no visibility when it comes to the actual product being shipped. That’s why it’s critical for companies like this to ensure their website inventory codes and part numbers are consistent with the supplier’s. I’m really surprised this situation with DIO got that bad, especially toward the end… I mean, why couldn’t they see what I was saying about the part number they had listed not match any of the specs? I explained it perfectly so a monkey could understand, but they still gave me shit. Ultimately, that’s why I always shop online with my credit card and not my “visa” enabled debit card… the dispute process for an actual credit card hugely favors the purchaser, whereas buying with a debit produces a lot of frustration with your bank should a problem arise.

  6. pablo says:

    This company sucks, I bought one security camera and after debit the total amount from acct I received a mail telling me it was out of stock but the money was refunded only after 9 days, after this happened I call documentio and place an order by phone, they told me this item was in stock and everything was ok… you know what happened??? The same thing they got my money for other week and the item wasn’t delivered because it was out of stock … if you are going to buy in this company think twice

  7. Corey says:

    I bought a xerox from this company because the price was the best on the net. Well, after the product didn’t ship in the 1-2 days the confirmation email said it would; I started searching for reviews on the company and ended up here! I quickly tried calling the company to cancel the order and just like Thomas said, nobody answered the phone and it went to an automated cell phone message box. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! I then called my credit card company and canceled the card. Let them try to charge the order now. JERKS! Hopefully they will try to call me and I too will not answer my phone! Thanks to everyone who posts so others can make informed decisions.

  8. bostonhack says:

    Thanks Amal, you confirmed my suspicions. I usually google a company’s name looking for unhappy customers to see how the company handles them – and I discovered two things. First – it is very difficult to find anything about a company with a name like DocumentIO as all the search engines think it is a misspelling. When I did find something about them in PCWorld – all I could find were rave reviews. There were no reviews less than a four out of five. Being a realist – I know that never happens. I read several of the reviews – and if look closely enough – you will see that they were all written by maybe two or three people (they basically say the same thing over and over using different words. Not at all like the kind of varied feedback you get from most online sites.)

    The prices sounded too good to be true – and now I know not to order from these clowns. Sorry for your trouble, but thank you for sharing!

  9. Andrew says:

    I’m in the market for an all-in-one printer. I was going to purchase from DocumentIO since its cheaper than newegg by $4 and has free shipping. I’ve decided to go with newegg due to these reviews. As its for my cousin’s business, I don’t want to take the risk they screw my cousin. Thanks!

  10. Tim Olson says:

    Here is my DocumentIO experience…

    I will never use DocumentIO again, and I do NOT recommend DocumentIO. I ordered a Canon Copier/Printer and never received it. Even though DocumentIO had a good price, I think they sold it too inexpensively and tried to cancel my order on purpose. Even after telling them in writing that I would wait for the Canon, they cancelled my order without telling me. I spoke with management twice, and even after showing them email proof that I was right and they were wrong, they chose to do nothing. DocumentIO has poor customer service and poor management. I gave my business to a competitor.

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