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New OEM/Hobby RFID reader is available. Projects kit soon to follow!

Well the day has finally come! I’ve been collaborating with Robotics Connection for some time now, donating my time and experience to put together a new kick@ss RFID reader geared for OEMs, DIYers, and home hobbyists.

New RedBee RFID Reader

Here’s the feature shortlist;

  • Great range, even with 3×13 and 2×12 glass tags!
  • Low power consumption (great for battery powered projects)
  • 4 I/Os that can be used as inputs or outputs
  • Internal memory can store up to 48 tag IDs
  • Programmable “autopulse” feature controls I/O lines automatically
  • USB virtual COM port communication option
  • Plug and play wireless XBee module support!
  • Single and multi-reader mode communication protocols
  • Communication protocols support tons of features

    This reader is by far the best EM41xx family reader out there, especially for the price. One very interesting feature is the XBee wireless communications option. Using XBee modules, you can set up an encrypted wireless data channel for one or more RFID readers to communicate on. The reader has a special COM protocol that can be turned on to allow multiple readers to all communicate on the same XBee PAN, allowing a PC to talk to and manage multiple readers at once using a single COM channel.

    New Projects & Software

    Now that the hardware is available, I’m in the process of working with Trossen Robotics to put together a new set of project write-ups that use this great reader, including the long awaited Vista/Windows 7 RFID login project (32/64 both supported! [peek]). I will be posting once the kit is available, but for now you can pick up a reader or two and start playing!


    The kits are available now; http://blog.amal.net/?p=3041

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  • 17 Responses to “New OEM/Hobby RFID reader is available. Projects kit soon to follow!”

    1. Josh says:

      Good work amal, very promising reader geared towards hobbyists. Ill pick one up whenever my cash flow permits.

    2. Amal says:

      Thanks Josh šŸ™‚

      When I heard about the reader RoboticsConnection was putting together, it sounded promising. Then they asked if I would be willing to offer my input and I jumped at the chance. It’s so rare you get to have influence in someone else’s project, and we really hit the ground running. By the end of it all, we worked out some really awesome features, an entirely new multi-reader communications protocol, and set the stage to create an official business relationship for future projects.

      Even though I don’t have an official relationship with RoboticsConnection, it was important to me to help get a new reader out on the market that is basically everything I had ever wanted in a reader. I knew others, particularly my book readers and forum members, would appreciate it too.

      For now, my only official relationship is with Trossen, so be sure to come back to this blog post and buy through the links!

    3. Jason says:

      It was a pleasure working with you Amal! Maybe we can do some more official development in the future! šŸ™‚

    4. Amal says:

      Thanks šŸ™‚ Looking forward to it!

    5. Cj says:

      Wow, hectic new hardware there Amal. I’m keen to get my hands on it and do some testing šŸ™‚

    6. Jason says:

      Ordered mine (with XBee communication kit) the day after I heard about this for research, can’t wait to play with it! Good work; REALLY looking forward to your Win7 login script. Will you be offering the code open source?

    7. Amal says:

      Nice! Yes all project software will come with source code šŸ™‚

    8. Amal, any chance I could quote part of this post and link to it on my own website? I have some students and friends that an administrator asked if I would introduce to the new modules you’ve made.


    9. Amal says:

      Sure, be my guest šŸ™‚

    10. […] more information, check out his post on his own blog or the product page at […]

    11. Some1 says:

      Interesting. Especially if the range is better thatn with the previous devices.
      How does the reading range compare with the Phidget RFID reader (when using glass capsules)?

    12. Amal says:

      There is a huge difference reading glass tags compared to the Phidgets. I can reliably get a good read of my 3x13mm EM4102 and users with a 2x12mm tag also report great range. I can get a good read with at least an inch between my hand and the reader, no problem. With the Phidgets I had to actually make physical contact with the reader to get any kind of reliably read at all.

    13. Panos says:

      Is it available in Europe?

    14. Amal says:

      Not directly however Trossen Robotics provides very cheap US Postal Service shipping to Europe. It should be much cheaper than UPS or FedEx.

    15. LS says:

      A very interestin project … we have RFID-Tags at many places (e.g. doors) and it would be really nice to realize a windows-login with RFIS, too.

      When do you think is the kit gonna be ready? Or maybe you need some beta-testers??? šŸ˜‰


    16. Amal says:

      Sorry for not commenting earlier… forgot to update this post. The kits are available! http://blog.amal.net/?p=3041

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