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As if to prove my point

As if to prove my point, today I was walking through my kitchen and Jennifer had left one of her magazines on the kitchen island. It caught my eye only because I thought, for a second, I was passing by a picture of Nicole Kidman showing her vajayjay.

The left arm placement brings the eye up her right leg, and to the peripheral vision the arm is but a continuation of the leg, right up the dress, to the shadow created by her left arm. That shadowy area, to the passive visual processing center, naturally appears to be a hint of some nether-region on high glass paper. Out of the potentially hundreds of shots taken during that photo shoot, this one was chosen… why? It really is a brilliant attention getting mechanism.


One Response to “As if to prove my point”

  1. Jenny says:

    Good Eye Amal! Good Eye! Haha… you’re so right though. They’re trying to warm up the woman with the frozen face 😉

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