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Minimally humorous images that still crack me up

Over time, things that catch your eye for one reason or another while surfing the interwebostream tubes tend to collect on your computer. Out of all the BS on my computer, these are a few of the images that really aren’t that funny beyond an initial chuckle, but for whatever reason they always get me seriously laughing after randomly coming across them while trying to clean house on my computer.

Toss My Cookies?!

This is a pretty basic joke, but for whatever reason it always reminds me of the late 90’s when I was running a dial-up ISP. You see children, before broadband… heck, before GTE/Verizon and other large companies even got into the Internet access game, kids like me were dropping out of college to start up ISPs with shelves and shelves of 33.6kbps modems. I still remember the day 56k modems came out… holy crap. So anyway, this image gets me laughing because I vividly remember all the conversations I had with customers, trying to explain what a cookie was.

Is This Real Life?!

I think this is hilarious… not just because of the video or the crazy eyes the kid gets just before asking… I find this hilarious because throughout my life, I’ve have been in several situations where I’ve felt exactly that question reverberating in my head but I had no words to describe what I was feeling. Someone tells me something totally absurd while standing there with a straight face and wondering why I’m not getting it. The sheer level of absurdity just sends me off into la-la land where all I can do to express my total amazement at their utter nonsensical statement is just stand there with a blank stare.

In the past, people used to say “Am I on candid camera?” to express their disbelief at their situation. Today people say “Am I being punked or something?”, and while both responses are still acceptable, I prefer to step beyond the bounds of reality and humor all together and simply ask “Is this real life?”. It’s perfect because is carries so much more weight. It says “Hey, what you just said to me is so absolutely preposterous there is no way this is a joke… I must have slipped into some kind of alternate reality or something.”


I have no explanation. This pic makes me crack up every time I see it.


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