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Beijing Olympics artistic social commentary

Remember kids:

This post is probably going to get my blog censored in a certain very large Asian nation, but I thought it was quite interesting to see all the political commentary buzzing around the internet in editorial style cartoon format.

Even though this was one of the most protested Olympic games since Berlin 1936, it was one of the most watched around the world. Record numbers of people turned out and tuned in to watch the opening ceremonies, which funnily enough sparked fear in the hearts of many. What sparked fear in my heart wasn’t so much the drummers, but this photo (dude, wtf !?):

Speaking of the Berlin games, let’s take a look at some classic photos from back then. Not being old enough to have experienced WWII and all the world was fighting against back then, I only know the Nazi party and their deeds through the likes of Ken Burns documentaries, Tom Hanks flicks, and XBOX FPS games. Seeing these photos of real people actually believing in what they are doing, it puts the reality of what the war was all about right in my face.

This photo is the famous US track star Jesse Owens winning the gold medal. I’m not sure who looks more scared; Jesse standing there in the middle of a bunch of aryan assholes, or the nazi fucktard who didn’t win the gold for der fuhrer’s “master race”.


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  1. Your Wife says:

    Such a good post… and I love the .gif of the person being shot against the wall and leaving the mark of the Beijing Olympics logo… so perf

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