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Leaked email reveals future of digital storage

In the wake of the CRU hack and subsequent email release, I decided to leak one of my own emails that could very well reveal the future of digital storage.


As you know, units of weight and measure are only as effective as their levels of accepted standardization. As such, I have been put a considerable amount of thought into the future of computing. I feel that you and I can look ahead into the distant future and secure the copyright and trademark to the name of massive data storage terms if we act fast before anyone else does.

One trillion petabytes = one ricktobyte

1043.2 ricktobytes = one eelbyte

I believe that 675 ricktobytes is enough to contain all of the information in the known universe. For this reason, I propose that you and I develop a 1EB hard drive which will be able to contain far more ricktobytes than the universe currently contains.

Let me know what you think and we can begin production.

Exponentially yours,


You see, my friend Greg Bennick is a speaker and entertainer, but really has no idea what the difference between a USB A or a USB B jack is. However, we always have a great deal of fun taking every day conversations into the absolutely ludicrous by making up fake terms and trying to sound as professional as possible.

Even though his grasp of computers is that of a basic user, his intelligence is nothing to scoff at. He has helped shoot, edit, and produce one of the most interesting and moving films I’ve ever seen, and he recently spoke at TEDx in Seattle.

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