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New insulation & flat tires

Living in a 1910 Victorian style 2 story home has its charm, but it also means a lot of updating if you don’t want to watch your house burn down due to faulty wiring or freeze to death in the winter. The old knob and tube electrical wiring has been removed and replaced with modern wiring, the plumbing has been ripped out and replaced with proper copper pipes, and now insulation has to be replaced.

The small amount of insulation we did have was this nasty smelling black stuff, which was only a couple inches thick. We hired a local company to come in and remove/clean out the old stuff and blow in new stuff. They did a pretty good job, and now instead of R5 insulation we have R33 in our attic spaces.

Nice new insulation!

Nice new insulation!

Unfortunately there was a lot of debris left in the attic space from a re-roofing job, and the clean up crew used standard plastic garbage bags. This resulted in a delightful handful of roofing nails sprinkled across my driveway and throughout my tires.



2 Responses to “New insulation & flat tires”

  1. Q says:

    Personally I’d approach the company for new tyres. Either that or withhold the tyre value from their payment. At the very least I’d have named and shamed them.

  2. Amal says:

    Heh, I’ll leverage it when I get them to insulate the heat ducting under the house. They did a good job with the actual insulation, they just missed the fact there were about 50 nails in my driveway when they were finished 😉

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