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X-Ray image used in student VeriChip video

I was recently contacted by a student from Clemson University asking permission to use my x-ray image in a project they were doing. Unfortunately a lot of “chip haters” out there tend to jump all over using my image without permission in their crazy website graphics and doomsday videos. The funny part is, I typically let just about anyone use my images if they would just ask… even the wackosas long as they properly credit of course 🙂

At first when I watched the video I thought it was kind of strange dialogue being used while the image was on screen, but an email clarified it for me:

Please be aware, in the video, we do not mean to say that your RFID had migrated from where it was originally inserted. We just wanted to show a picture of an x-ray that showed the device in a different area from the back of the upper arm area, where the Verichip is usually inserted.

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