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A rainy weekend spent aligning radio dishes

I spent this last weekend on top of a 30′ high building in the wind and rain aligning radio dishes. It’s not that fun, but the radios are pretty sweet. They are 60GHz P2P links that can push a full gigabit (1000Mb) across the link. I have yet to find another solution that can sustain a full true gigabit of network data throughput (not just radio data throughput).


In this scenario we’re only shooting across a few buildings, but depending on the model of antenna cone installed the radios have a 5 to 20 mile range. The only issue with these radios is the tolerance. At just over 700 feet apart, the alignment tolerance is such that a 1/4 turn of a wrench on an adjustment bolt head is the difference between a strong signal and packet loss. I can’t imagine trying to set these up at 20 miles apart.


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