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What IS summer? RIBS is, apparently.

Man, I love nothing more than to come across effed up signs. Some make me angry as I spout off about how tolerant of mediocrity this country is becoming… but some make me just straight up laugh, like this one:

Other signs down right scare me. I cross the Canadian border occasionally and the total lack of intelligence there when it comes to signage really does scare me. Most of the signs don’t really matter, like this one:

This sign clearly states that the port is open from 8AM to Noon… but what they really mean is that it’s open until Midnight (12AM). If you read that sign and took it at face value, then you might be miffed if you drove to another port because you thought this one was closed at 1pm. Another sign though really has me confused and what’s worse is, I’ve not been able to get a clear answer about it yet either. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this sign yet. It’s a sign that states:

“You must declare if you are carrying currency or credits worth over $10,000 in value.”

Ok, this sign has all kinds of problems with it… does this mean US currency? What if I had Australian or Canadian dollars and the exchange rate was really bad? Also, the sign clearly states that I don’t have to declare anything if I am carrying exactly $10,000. However, the penalty for not declaring is possible confiscation of the entire amount, and possibly being detained and/or not let into the country (and getting flagged). These are serious punishments, and it brings into question what actually represents the law.

Can this government issued and posted sign be considered “the law”, or is a passage in some law book in the Library of Congress really the one and only true law. Any lawyers in the crowd?

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