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Got x-rays of the implants in my hands done

After a whole lot of BS, I was able to get an x-ray of my hands taken. What I can’t believe is just how insane the medical industry has become that I can’t walk into a radiology office and pay them cash to take an x-ray of me. The radiologist is performing a service, they are taking a friggen picture. If I pay them up front (not billing to any insurance), to take an x-ray of me (and release the image to me), can someone tell me why they refuse to do so without a doctor’s note? It just seems ridiculous that I can’t just pay to have a service like that performed. It’s not a medical procedure, it’s a friggen picture.

The other issue I have here is that they will refuse to release the image they take of me directly to me unless the doctor’s note specifically states to. Come on! You know it’s me and my own x-ray image, you just took the picture! Just insane.

I ran into the same problem up in Vancouver BC with dentists not releasing my own teeth x-rays to me. That one must be a Canadian thing, because I’ve had no problems with dentists here giving me (and charging me for) copies of my teeth x-rays.

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2 Responses to “Got x-rays of the implants in my hands done”

  1. Emily says:

    Hi Amal- I am working on a project with a Science Museum and we would like to use your X-ray hands image on a poster. We would like to request your permission and can provide you with a copy of the finished product. Can you please contact me via email? Thank you!

  2. Amal says:

    Hi Emily,

    I’d be glad to. I’ve emailed my mailing address to you. If possible, could you include a credit on the poster, even if its tiny and off in a corner? Images like that often generate questions, and I love to field them here and on the forum.

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