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Here I come again Amsterdam…

I love the internet. Thank jebuz I’m alive during such an amazing time… truly the dawn of a new age. I’ve been working on an amazing product development project with some fine chaps in the Amsterdam area… and the amazing thing is, we’ve never met in person. I know this is commonplace these days, but I’m still blown away by it.

So, anyway, things have coalesced to the point where an in-person meeting has been deemed appropriate, so I’m headed across the pond to meet my collaborators in person and hash out some devilish details. Due to the way air travel expenses work, I booked an extra couple days so I could get the cheapest airfare… and hang out in Amsterdam while I’m at it.

If anyone is planning on being in the area next week who want’s to chat about technology, RFID, NFC, biohacking, implants, whatever… hit me up.


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