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Compiling Pound reverse proxy on CentOS 5.x

This post is another “just for me” reminder on how to do something, but it might be useful for some people so I’m making it public. To install a current version of Pound on CentOS 5.x, you need to make a couple tweaks;

yum install gcc – If you don’t already have the compiler installed, you’ll need it and it’s dependencies.

yum install openssl-devel – This installs the openssl development libraries (and other necessary prerequisites also required to compile Pound)

nano ./configure – Edit the configure file and remove the words -Wno-unused-result from the compile flags line as this parameter is not compatible with the older gcc compiler in CentOS 5.x

./configure –with-ssl=/usr/lib – Run the configure script with SSL support (who doesn’t want SSL support!?)


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