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Beating people up, poopin in fields, and other fun things

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about funny signs I’ve seen in my daily travels so I figured it was time.

This was taken in a local Thai restaurant, forgetting my camera was in Sepia mode. Make’s it seem kind of olde tyme. I just never knew our local Thai chef was so tough!

Beating People Up

This was an odd ad I ran across in a local pub. It’s for a wine tasting event, but there hadn’t been one and there wasn’t one scheduled. Hmm…


This sign actually makes sense… but at first glance it struck me as funny. Especially since the title at the top stands out so much, like the title instructions are for everyone to follow. Somehow I just laughed when I saw it.

point to the sentance you can't read

This one isn’t so much a sign but an ancient bathroom amenity dispenser located in a unisex bathroom I frequent. Something about the photo on this device struck me as funny. I don’t know what emotion she’s trying to communicate, and why it would be something anyone would want to put on a feminine hygiene product dispenser is beyond me. When I look at it, the photo says to me “Life is hard, especially when you’re a woman on your period.”

uhh what?

Finally, this sign is one I actually had to make myself. Being in the IT field, people love to come over to your office to “pick your brain”. My office happens to be attached to a rather large storage area with a nice sound dampening wall between me and the storage bay. Unfortunately, the storage bay door is the one everyone automatically goes to and pounds on for hours. Something had to be done.

Door Haiku


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