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Implantable continuous glucose monitoring sensor

Just a few days ago I noted the future of implants really is going to be medical sensors that use the same passive power and data transmission methods as passive RFID, and now I hear about these guys doing exactly that for glucose measurement. Not quite at the “lab on chip” level yet, but this is clearly a great first step in that direction.

Real time monitoring and logging

Probably the best thing about this tech is the ability to keep a running log in real-time. That kind of immediate and constant feedback gives people a whole different “set of eyes” when it comes to learning about their own bodies. Biorasis, the company that is developing this technology, has put together a video that runs through the implantation and utilization process. It’s very rudimentary, but gets the point across.

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One Response to “Implantable continuous glucose monitoring sensor”

  1. Dave says:

    I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes recently- I am waiting for my implant to arrive for the motorbike project and as such have spent most of my time in hospital researching this and how to implement it into monitoring glucose levels. Cant wait to see how this goes as carrying my showbag/forgetting to bring my showbag around all the time is leading to some serious rage. Just wonder how long the implant would last while remaining accurate?

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