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Keyless motorcycle ignition diagram

A while back I posted a video of me starting my ’05 Hayabusa using my RFID implant. I had always intended to post a diagram but never got around to it. Finally I was prodded into action by a forum member looking for advice setting up his own GSXR. My actual wiring is a bit different because I modded the engine run switch, but this is a simpler/safer design. It uses the EM4200 access controller from Dangerous Things;

RFID keyless ignition diagram for GSXRs

Definitely read the thread for more information, as GSXRs have some quirks when it comes to ignition wiring.

– 03/2010 UPDATE –

After some back and forth on the RFID Toys forum, this new and improved design does away with some of the unnecessary complexity (pdf):

Generic RFID keyless ignition diagram

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3 Responses to “Keyless motorcycle ignition diagram”

  1. […] It turns out the kits never really panned out, and another GSXR rider needed some help, so I posted a wiring diagram. […]

  2. Brandon says:

    I assume there would be no problem using this circuit in a car as opposed to a motorcycle?

  3. Amal says:

    Correct, a similar circuit could be used in a vehicle other than a motorcycle. There are several posts on the RFID forum about this, including the motorcycle ignition thread itself, that deal with this circuit.

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