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Resetting Dell DRAC passwords through software


A while back I posted about resetting HP iLO card passwords through software. I’m following that post up with one about doing the same with Dell’s DRAC remote access cards. You may have forgotten the password, mistyped when setting a new password, or even acquired a used DRAC card with unknown an password. The good news is, a password reset can be done using the racadm command line tool.

As before, I found this content out on the Interwebs, but wanted to duplicate it here for safe keeping.

Each Dell DRAC comes with a default password; user: “root” password: “calvin”. but most of the time we change them for security purposes.

In DRAC 4, the first index slot was “root” by default.

In DRAC 5, index 1 is “Administrator”, index 2 is “root”. this is required to know to identify which Id’s password to reset.

Example to reset password using racadm command:

DRAC 4: racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 1 “newpasswordhere“

DRAC 5: racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 “newpasswordhere“

Example to display the Id’s info using racadm command:

DRAC 4: racadm getconfig -g cfgUserAdmin -i 1

DRAC 5: racadm getconfig -g cfgUserAdmin -i 2

Unfortunately, for some reason just changing the root passwords on my DRAC 4 cards did not work the way it was supposed to. I had to actually add a second admin account via the racadm tool and access the web based utility through that account. To add an admin account via racadm, follow at least the first two steps:

Configure DRAC 4 via racadm.exe

racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminUserName -i 2 john

racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 123456

racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminEmailAddress -i 2 “

racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminEmailCustomMsg -i 2 “RAC Alert Email Test”

racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminEmailEnable -i 2 1

racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminAlertFilterRacEventMask -i 2 0x0

racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminAlertFilterSysEventMask -i 2 0x0

racadm config -g cfgTraps -o cfgTrapsSnmpCommunity -i 2 public

racadm config -g cfgTraps -o cfgTrapsEnable -i 2 1

racadm config -g cfgTraps -o cfgTrapsFilterRacEventMask -i 2 0x0

racadm config -g cfgTraps -o cfgTrapsFilterSysEventMask -i 2 0x0

racadm config -g cfgTraps -o cfgTrapsDestIpAddr -i 2

racadm config -g cfgOobSnmp -o cfgOobSnmpTrapsEnable 1

racadm config -g cfgRemoteHosts -o cfgRhostsSmtpServerIpAddr

racadm racreset

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3 Responses to “Resetting Dell DRAC passwords through software”

  1. Eduardo says:

    Thanks for this tips, it works

  2. Xerolooper says:

    I just ran these two commands since the rest gave errors.

    racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminUserName -i 2 john
    racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 123456

    I noticed that as long as there was already an administrator account in that position it worked. Creating a new account would not work. For some reason it would create it but not give it any access rights. But renaming/resetting the existing admin account did the trick. Then I could set it up as per our security standards.

  3. Amal says:

    I’ve had real hit-and-miss experiences with DRAC cards and, for several other reasons, given up on Dell in the server hardware department. I run HPs now and the integrated iLO “lights out” cards blow DRACs clean out of the water.

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