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Forbidden knowledge

Whenever I see books touting “forbidden knowledge”, I always think it’s gonna be full of a bunch of BS that pretty much anyone with a mischievous streak would already know and probably done at least once. While this book has plenty of that, it also has some topics that I didn’t expect. Here are a few basics;

#3 – eBay Scams (“How To”)
#6 – Become a porn star
#22 – Cheat parking meters
#35 – Be a religious icon

All in all it’s a cheap fun coffee table book, and if you like it there’s more forbidden knowledge fun you can read up on.

A similar companion book you may want to check out (you know you do) is Forbidden Sex Knowledge, which is written in the same funny yet fun coffee table book format as the original namesake. A basic rundown of topics include;

#10 – Make fake jism
#17 – Practice Kama Sutra
#24 – Shoot your own porn
#45 – Successful threesomes
#78 – Be an ethical slut

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