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One of the best images of 2009

There are a lot of great images from 2009, but what caught my eye today was this image:

Hey buddy, payback's a bitch!

Hey buddy, payback's a bitch!

Why it’s such a surprising tragedy when a bull “fighter” gets what’s coming to him is beyond me. After sticking the bull with several sharp spears, the bull finally gets a shot at spearing his opponent. Too bad this a-hole didn’t die on the “field of battle”… he’s still alive and kickin, ready to kill more bulls in slow torturous ways for the purpose of entertainment!

164-Combat-of-Gladiators-with-Wild-Animals-q75-500x469Speaking of killing for entertainment… They used to do it the right way. They used to push half naked gladiators into a dirt pit filled with a whole gaggle of real predators with only a knife… and often times the gladiator lost. Today it’s one bull, a single goddamn herbivore, against a sissy in a cape with some sharp spears which are longer than the bull’s only weapon, it’s horns. The bull has no teeth, no claws, and it can’t even rear up on it’s hind legs to kick for crying out loud… it’s like a putting a 40 year old sex offender in a ring with a baby and watching the guy bludgeon the baby to death with his cock… come to think of it, bullfighting fans would probably get off on that too.

Wow, real manly. Way to go fancy pants.

Wow, real manly. Way to go fancy pants.

All I’m saying is, if you’re going to get your rocks off watching one animal kill another, you might as well make it even odds. You a-holes could learn a thing or two from Micheal Vick… at least he knew how to set up a fair fight.

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4 Responses to “One of the best images of 2009”

  1. Jesse says:

    Nicely said. Great commentary.
    I’m beginning to think all of Europe has become pussified. The Germans can’t be tough again or someone will think it’s World War Three. Drink up, boys. You’ve got the Cheese-Eating Surrender-Monkey French (i’m French sadly) these wimped out Italians, British tea-parties and all that.
    You want a manly country? Ireland. What do they do? Drink a lot. What’s the landmark of their drinking? A shot named the Irish Car-bomb. Now that’s manly! (And delicious) Now, where’s my beer…

  2. Amal says:

    Well, I can kind of see that with the Germans… twice they’ve started major shit. If they started to get uppity again I wouldn’t wait for WWIII… someone would just have to go Bush doctrine on them and preemptively wipe ’em out. I’d be sad because I’d probably not be able to get any more decent quality parts for my VW, but that’s a small sacrifice I’d be willing to make 😉

  3. Cj says:

    “Cheese-Eating Surrender-Monkey French” Topgear rocks.

    But honestly… where i come from (South Africa) we havent lost that sense of fighting that takes a leap from casual sports to actually fighting for your life. On the up-side… if WW3 ever begins i think i’ll be pretty safe. Everyone thinks our continent is a charity case :/

  4. Amal says:

    Yeah, the thing about fighting for your life is, you’ll often try to avoid it unless absolutely necessary… unlike casually and routinely killing something in an arena so a bunch of other people can get a faint fleeting glimmer of what it used to feel like back when they were still actually “alive”.

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