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Recycling an old Fossil Abacus WristNet Microsoft watch

How ironic and appropriate that the name for this Microsoft powered wrist watch included the word Fossil… it was almost like they knew how obsolete the first version would become in such short order.

I picked up this watch for free because someone was tossing it out. It worked well enough, but since I don’t wear watches and the battery life sucked balls for what was essentially a calendar watch I decided to recycle it into something else… a joke.

On the plus side, I did think the inductively coupled charging communications system was kind of cool… very much like passive RFID technology in that power and data were transported through what essentially was two coils of wire via magnetic field. For those of you interested, there is a review of the version of Fossil Abacus watch I’m talking about right here (pdf).

Step 1) Remove the watch guts

Step 2) Insert funny text

Step 3) Walk around town and wait for people to ask what time it is, then show them your watch.

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