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Panicking gets you killed every time


Ok, warning. This post is blatantly callous and perhaps veers into sexist territory toward the end, but I think a point has to be made here.

I read stories like these and just can’t figure it out. Three girls drown when they drive their Jeep into a pond. They have enough clarity and time to make two crazy phone calls, but not roll a window down?

Jenny gives me crap (crap = teased me once) for keeping books like The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook in the bathroom, and being interested in shows like Mythbusters and similar shows that cover things like how to escape a sinking car (there are plenty).

My point here is even if I hadn’t read that book or been interested in those shows, I feel like it would be common sense to at least try to stay calm, try opening the door right away, then if that didn’t work try opening the window… then trying to break the window… then if all else failed, just try to breath calmly until the car filled up with water and the pressure equalized and then try to open the door. Finally, if that didn’t work, then and only then, accept my fate, panic, and die.

Regardless of what you might think about the next few statements, I think it holds true for a broad average majority: Girls should panic way less and be way more interested in survival shows. On the other hand, guys should think more and take far less risks doing stupid stuff.

I’m sure the girls who died accidentally drove their Jeep into the pond and panicked, while guys would have died trying to deliberately drive through it while intoxicated.

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